New Memoir SHADOWS OVER THE SUN is Released

July 1
7:29 2014
New Memoir SHADOWS OVER THE SUN is Released

AUSTRALIA - One woman's voice whose life journey has never been easy, an encouragement to others that have experienced life's adversities; author Giselle J. Robin's "Shadows over the Sun" speaks to readers who are currently battling their own demons.

An honest account of Robin's life journey, this memoir primarily demonstrates how she overcame life struggles; showing a woman's immense resilience to bounce back and reinvent herself. Narrating a detailed experience from her life in Germany during the Second World War up to the time she started and successfully managed a winery in Australia, this memoir shows readers a remarkable triumph of a woman against life and the stones it throws at people.

As philosopher and lecturer Dr. Basil Moore puts it, this honest autobiography can be described as a treasure trove of life insights that readers can surely find inspiration and motivation in.

"This compulsively readable autobiography traces the journey of a remarkably courageous woman from a childhood under Nazi Germany, through her marriage and then emigration to Australia to make a new start by developing an organic winery in McLaren Flat in South Australia. After traumatic experiences she has had to battle with bipolar mental disorder. Giselle tells her story in flawless prose and with compelling honesty. This is the story of a strong woman adding to the growing literature on women's lives. The story takes you in from the first page and never lets you go."


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