New Memoir, 'A Dress, a Tie, and a Ring' is Released

New Memoir, 'A Dress, a Tie, and a Ring' is Released

Naples, FL

Author Julian R. Hanley says there are few love stories today that can take one's breath away, and even fewer that are real. This story begins with a chance sighting from across a crowded room and continues with a marriage proposal, children and a happily ever after.

"A Dress, a Tie, and a Ring," (published by WestBow Press) the truly heart-wrenching yet beautiful new memoir of 101-year-old Hanley, tells not only of his romance with his wife, Betty, but also of her horrific bout with child abuse. Betty suffered from her mother's abuse beginning from the crib until she finally eloped with Julian and was able to escape.

"There are still fairy tales for grandfathers to tell, but this one is true," Hanley said. "Like all fairy tales, this one has a scary part with an ogre of sorts, but it is a true romance with a happy ending. I felt that God lead me to Betty and I was destined to rescue her from a dreadful life of child abuse."

The accomplished author's writing style effectively conveys happiness, sadness and pain through his words. Hanley's story touches on everything from abuse, to pre-marital sex, to "the state of today's lack of morality and the benefits of moral behavior with its reward of lasting love and affection."

"A Dress, a Tie, and a Ring"
By Julian R. Hanley
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 74 pages | ISBN 9781490826622
E-Book | 74 pages | ISBN 9781490826639
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