New Erotic Thriller 'Blatant Deception' is Inspired by Real Events

New Erotic Thriller 'Blatant Deception' is Inspired by Real Events

Just in time for Valentine's Day, relationship and dating coach, Mary Jo Fay, RN, MSN, introduces adult readers to the rarely mentioned dark side of online dating with her new cautionary tale, "Blatant Deception." Fay, also known as "The Voice of Dating, Mating, and Relating," created an erotic thriller that stealthily teases readers in to the dangers that may lie in wait for unsuspecting victims of online romance. Published by Out of the Boxx, Inc., "Blatant Deception" is available now for purchase at In support of the dark novel, Fay is launching, "Lessons of the Stingray," a sisterhood of strength and safety for those who may have had less than pleasant dating experiences, and wonder why. Additional information on the sisterhood can be found at

Inspired by true events, "Blatant Deception" is an erotic thriller that takes you into the world of desperate dater, Claudia Carson, a usually savvy psychotherapist who gets more than she bargains for when she blindly misses the red flags of an Internet dating predator. Believing that she has met Dr. Diego Ruiz, the man of her dreams, she falls for him hard and fast in a matter of days. Yet, little does she know that the true identity of her steamy email relationship is a sexual predator by the name of Jonathan Fardy who sits in his secret lair, hoping to find perfect victims to toy with online. Blinded by her infatuation with the mysterious Diego, Claudia ignores all the red flags screaming at her to run and realizes only too late that it's not that easy to pull the plug on the man on the other end of cyberspace.

"As Valentine's Day approaches and many dating sites become swarmed with would-be mates, most are unaware of potential dangers that may threaten their very lives," says Fay. "Dating sites taunt us with impressive statistics on those who have found love, so it's easy to understand how many singles are drawn in by the allure. This new book will allow readers to journey into a dark and twisted tale of danger and intrigue, yet is still filled with hot and steamy scenes to keep both sexes staying up late reading between the sheets."

According to media outlets such as MSNBC, Reuters, and - even though 17% of all marriages begin with people meeting in cyberspace, 10% of dating site members are relationship scammers looking for their next victim. Each year, scammers prey on hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting victims. In 2011 alone, the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center lodged thousands of complaints from victims of relationship scammers with collective financial losses of over $50 million. No one is even counting the emotional price.

Says Fay, "So many of my clients simply 'don't know what they don't know,' on their journey to find a mate. After all, where did most of us learn about love and intimacy? In the 7th grade locker room! Additionally we think there's some safety behind the anonymity of the computer screen. Yet statistics tell us that thousands of abductions, rapes, and yes - even murders, have evolved from what may have begun as innocently swapping photos and profiles. It's easy to fall prey to the many dating deceptions going on if you don't know how to play the game safely."

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