New Children's Book, 'Tooth Brushing Time,' is Released

May 13
9:02 2014
New Children's Book, 'Tooth Brushing Time,' is Released

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., May 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ First-time children's book author Pamela Veth believes good tooth brushing habits start early, and that parents and other role models are an integral part of developing these habits. Youngsters who learn to brush the right way are well on the path toward a healthier adulthood with fewer cavities and a better self-image. "Tooth Brushing Time" guides new brushers down this path with lifelike graphics and entertaining rhymes. Learn more about this new children's book at

"Tooth Brushing Time" is being released by PJ, G and Me, with the help from ABC Book Publishers, which plans to make the book available to dentists, periodontists, and pediatricians, along with pre-schools, schools, and daycares. The book's audience includes both children and their parents, grandparents, child care workers, and teachers; reading as a joint activity enables parents and guardians to participate and reinforce the straightforward lessons of the book. "Tooth Brushing Time" is an essential addition to your child's library with the rhyming text they can memorize and muse about while brushing.

Getting kids interested in brushing is one of the great challenges of early childhood. Without proper instruction, kids tend to brush too quickly and miss some of the places where plaque and food debris like to hide. Veth consulted with a dental hygienist during the writing of "Tooth Brushing Time," so parents can rest assured that all the information is accurate and conveyed in the best possible way.

Once kids are on board with the idea of regular brushing, parents can build on this with helpful tips and encouragement. Perhaps the most essential and powerful thing that parents can do is brush together with their children, thereby leading by example. Alternatively, parents can read "Tooth Brushing Time" aloud while children brush, or hold "reverse races" where the goal is to brush the longest. The book even features a mirror in the back, so children can receive positive reinforcement by seeing their own healthy smile.


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