New Children's Book 'The Enchanted Coin' is Released

New Children's Book 'The Enchanted Coin' is Released

TotalRecall Publications announced today the publication of a new fantasy book 'The Enchanted Coin' for middle grade readers by Bob Doerr, a retired Air Force officer and recipient of the Military Writers of America 2013 Author of the Year Award for his body of work that includes five adult mystery novels.

Doerr has always enjoyed creating stories to tell his children, and now grandchildren. This is his first book for young readers and is a direct result of his young granddaughter's insistence that he record the tale - with her assistance of 'The Enchanted Coin.' It's the story of a14-year old boy who discovers a small, sparkling object that takes him on a mystical journey to a strange world, where he encounters prehistoric animals and risks his life to help a young princess save her tribe's lands.

The tale begins as Greg Worling discovers an eight-sided coin with his name on it and these mysterious instructions: "Greg, drop this coin into the fountain in front of the Tree of Life." Weeks later, with his little sister Cindy by his side on their family vacation at Disney World , Greg tosses the coin into a small fountain and is instantaneously transported to a strange land.

He first encounters a young girl running for her life from warriors of the Denza tribe. As Greg hides her from her pursuers, he learns that she is Fawn, a princess of the Cheerakoo people. She has a proclamation from the King that will settle an ancient land dispute between her tribe and the warring Denzas, who are intent on keeping her from reaching her homelands to deliver the King's message. Slowly, Greg begins to realize that his purpose in being sent to this strange world is to help Fawn safely reach her destination. Along the way, he has to battle large serpents, wolves, and even avoid a saber toothed tiger before safely getting Fawn to her people. During the journey, Greg meets a prophet who helps him understand this peculiar world. After what seems like days, Greg reclaims the enchanted coin and finds himself standing by his sister, who oddly acts like nothing happened...Was it a dream? But then, why does the enchanted coin now display the words, "Thank You"?

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