New Book Shares the Secret to a Fulfilled Life: Authenticity

New Book Shares the Secret to a Fulfilled Life: Authenticity

Is authenticity a part of your everyday life? The word authenticity is used often in today's world, but we don't often have a good definition of what authenticity really means. Dr. James R. McCartney seeks to clear up the definition in his book "Authentic Being: Dynamic Creativity."

"Authenticity is the mother of all creativity and individuality," he said. "What really is authenticity, and what stands in the way of expressing a person's real self?"

In "Authentic Being," Dr. McCartney "compares existentialism to New Thought philosophies depicting authenticities as a way of life." According to Dr. McCartney, denying this authenticity is what causes many people to be unhappy or unfulfilled. When people can embrace their authentic selves, they can transform their lives into one of purpose.

"Many people will be surprised to learn that a large portion of our population shares the same problem of having experienced their own natural creative expression of dreams and aspirations hidden within," Dr. McCartney said.

Authenticity is key to living a fulfilled life, and having an understanding of the term from a philosophical point of view to find the freedom to be authentic. Dr. McCartney's clear explanations will enlighten people about the importance of being true to themselves and how to encourage authenticity in today's world.

Authentic Being: Dynamic Creativity
By Dr. James R. McCartney
ISBN: 978-1-4836-5795-0 (sc); 978-1-4836-5796-7 (hc); 978-1-4836-5797-4 (e)
Softcover, $15.99
Hardcover, $24.99
Ebook, $3.99
Approximately 103 pages
Available at and

About the author
Dr. James R. McCartney is a Colorado native. He completed a Ministerial Fellowship at the Ernest Holmes School of Ministry and has a master's degree in adult education from Regis University and a doctoral degree in spiritual studies from Emerson Theological Institute. He has spoken on entrepreneurial topics at numerous universities throughout Colorado and has developed and facilitated effective experiential workshops on relationships and compulsive behavior solutions.

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