New Book Reveals FDA Inconsistencies

June 5
9:04 2014
New Book Reveals FDA Inconsistencies


The FDA is trusted by the public to ensure that the foods and drugs used and manufactured are of good quality and danger-free. Sadly though, the FDA has had many inconsistencies through the years. In "Criminal Indifference of the FDA to Cancer Prevention", author Samuel S. Epstein, M.D. has created a truly intriguing read that shows how the FDA has shown reckless failure to warn the public, the media, and Congress of explicit epidemiological evidence on a wide range of avoidable and involuntary risk factors or causes of cancer.

"Criminal Indifference of the FDA to Cancer Prevention" is an eye-opening look into the FDA's inability to stop cancerous materials from being infused into the products used by the public every day. This highly intriguing book is filled with a multitude of citizens' petitions, newspaper articles, press releases and blogs that prove the FDA's incompetence in keeping medicinal products safe for consumption.

In this impressive compilation of facts, the author uses his years of experience to pinpoint the many inconsistencies by the FBI in protecting America's citizens from cancer risk. "Criminal Indifference of the FDA to Cancer Prevention" is a necessary source on cancer prevention.

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