New Book Helps Solve Diabetes Epidemic with Plant-Based Nutrition

August 13
7:00 2014
New Book Helps Solve Diabetes Epidemic with Plant-Based Nutrition

Honolulu, Hawaii

Katherine Orr recently released The Doctors in Mili's Suitcase ~ How I Cured My Diabetes With Food, which is an accessible, educational story about adopting a whole food, plant-based diet to reverse type 2 diabetes. According to the American Diabetes Association, 28 million people in the United States currently live with type 2 diabetes. With the cost of diagnosed diabetes now at $245 billion per year, and with personal health consequences equally as devastating, author-illustrator Katherine Orr seeks to inform the public about a safe, healthy, and underreported solution to this health (and health care) crisis.

"My new book is a 52-page, read-aloud story that is meant for both children and parents. Because children are now the fastest growing sector of the type 2 diabetes epidemic, this book explains in simple terms what diabetes is and how it can be reversed by adopting a diet of whole, plant-based foods. Food choices have a significant impact on our health, so the story corrects popular nutrition myths and contains supplemental information as sidebar text and at the back of the book. For those who choose to eat their way back to health, I've included resources to outside articles, recipes, success stories, and support communities," says Orr.

Like most of Orr's books, The Doctors in Mili's Suitcase ~ How I Cured My Diabetes With Food, was inspired by experience. Three years ago, when someone close to her was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and the doctor recommended managing the disease with drugs, Orr knew there was a healthier, more holistic treatment. So she offered him education: the chance to get well. After he adopted a vegan diet of whole foods, he became diabetes free in less than three months. Orr wondered how many other people were missing out on the chance to get healthy due to their ignorance of this alternative option.

Orr explains, "Diabetes is a diet and lifestyle disease that can usually easily be cured, but industry-sponsored conferences, outreach programs, and many doctors focus only on disease management. Everyone deserves to know how to become healthy. The information is out there, but unfortunately that information isn't reaching the public. This small book is my contribution to help raise awareness."


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