New Book 'Hector Trogg's Perfect World' is Released

New Book 'Hector Trogg's Perfect World' is Released

Lincolnshire, UK

While most kids can only daydream about mysterious adventures and secret locations, the main character in Paul Booth's new book 'Hector Trogg's Perfect World' finds himself caught up in a whirlwind of intrigue and on the run with his sister Kate and their parents-from a formidable enemy. Booth's Hector Trogg is a mischievous eleven-year-old boy who, in the face of danger, takes great pleasure in causing almost as much trouble as the bad guys who want to destroy him and his family.

After an accident that destroys their parents' car, Hector and Kate are informed that it was a deliberate act of attempted murder. The authorities explain that Hector and Kate have been left a substantial inheritance from a distant relative named Irvine Deeds. They speculate that it is the greedy, disgruntled closer relatives of Mr. Deeds who are trying to kill Hector and Kate in an attempt to get their hands on the money.

Hector and his family embark on a fast-paced journey as they try to stay ahead of the evil assassin Sludge, who is relentless in his pursuit of them. They are whisked away to different locations-including a chateau in France, a French army camp and an English estate-in an attempt to stay one step ahead of their pursuer. With the help of the French Special Forces, the Troggs narrowly escape death several times. As the plot twists, the real culprit behind the chase is uncovered. Hector and the rest of the Troggs go into hiding, and with the help of their protectors, design a plan to lure Sludge into their trap.

A typical eleven-year old boy, Hector ignores danger and instead seizes the opportunity to fly a plane, fire ammo from an armored tank and take down a few bad guys along the way. When he's not fighting the enemy, Hector wreaks havoc and stirs up trouble to keep himself amused. With his sister Kate, he enlists the help of Bandit the dog and Otto the cat in pulling off shenanigans and then trying to cover up his misdeeds. "At the book's heart is a character who means well but causes chaos," says Booth.

'Hector Trogg' is action-packed and full of eccentric characters and high-spirited comic events. The dynamic between brother and sister is well-developed, and their enthusiasm, energy and youthful curiosity drive the story forward. The plot twists and turns, culminating in an edge-of-your-seat battle with the bad guys, and delivering an unlikely hero and a number of good jokes along the way.

'Hector Trogg's Perfect World' is published in eBook and audiobook format by and is now available at popular online retailers including, and Apple's iBookstore.