New Book Explores Social Media as the Secret to Coping with Loss

New Book Explores Social Media as the Secret to Coping with Loss

Facing life after the unexpected loss of a loved one can be a challenge. For Debra Blood, the key to coping with the death of her husband was through humor.

"My Husband Has Died, But That's Not the Funny Part" chronicles author Debra Blood's personal journey from grief to healing through the power of laughter and reflection. She shares her daily social media posts dedicated to her late husband that served as both an outlet for her emotions and a chance to include his presence in the day-to-day.

"I never intended to write a book," said Blood. "I needed to find a way to grieve and connect to my husband's memories, so I started sharing stories on social media that reminded me of our love, laughter and time together."

Although some might argue humor during such a difficult loss is inappropriate, for Blood sharing the joy of the memories and humorous family anecdotes provided a natural, familiar and meaningful method for her to express her grief.

The collection explores the importance of love, laughter and expression when working through the pain and changes surrounding the loss of a loved one.

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By: Debra Blood
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ISBN: 9781481716673
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