New Book Discusses Selecting an Outsourcing Vendor and Decreasing the Failure Percentages

New Book Discusses Selecting an Outsourcing Vendor and Decreasing the Failure Percentages

Bloomington, IN

Outsourcing is wrought with controversy. It forces the businesses to choose a partner with meticulous judgment. The commitment to outsourcing bears risk. If the wrong partner is selected, personal reputation could be questioned and the success of the company could be challenged. There may not be a second chance to get it right. So, how are the weaknesses spotted before the relationship begins?

"Seven Attributes of Highly Effective Development Vendors" (ISBN: 978-0991644117)

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"Industries are experiencing widely inconsistent success rates with outsourcing," says William V. West author of "Seven Attributes of Highly Effective Development Vendors." "I have witnessed many organizations who produced excellent results, while also witnessing countless other organizations that have struggled," Mr. West continued. "I have seen impressive successes and massive failures many times; everything from single projects to sole-source outsourcing initiatives. What makes one initiative succeed while others fail? After 14 years of observation, I've sought to answer this question."

Outsource partner selection can be scary and difficult to navigate alone. However, the newly released "Seven Attributes of Highly Effective Development Vendors," can help shine the light into the best practices, lead someone through this process, and steer them onward to success. The Seven Attributes focus on the key requirements to identify the right outsourcing partner for current needs. The goal is to identify a partner who can achieve a company vision and produce a healthy business relationship where companies succeed.

So, what are the Seven Attributes?
In very simple terms and in order of importance, the Seven Attributes are:
1. Experience
2. Methodology
3. Infrastructure
4. Process
5. Technology
6. Talent
7. Innovation

These are the attributes by which we can categorize the characteristics, tools, and techniques that are needed to produce highly effective solutions and strong outsourcing relationships. The Seven Attributes nicely compartmentalize those things that really make a difference.

William West has career experience; companies where he has been employed, companies he has founded and companies that have hired his teams to support them; have all given him exposure to a vast array of business models. He has had a total of over 1,000 projects with 50 corporate clients. It has populated his vault of case studies with examples of successes and failures within the many scenarios that we all face day to day. He will share his stories and case studies throughout the book as they assist the reader to understand further how each attribute comes into play. As William West says, "I haven't seen it all, but I have seen so much!"