New Book 'Business is Simple' is Released

August 18
6:09 2014
New Book 'Business is Simple' is Released

Raleigh, N.C.

"Business is Simple" (published by Xlibris) is a pragmatic guide written by an entrepreneur and business executive for fellow entrepreneur and business executives. According to author Chris Stern, his book is based in solid theory but delivers a core message on the "how to" that traditional theory tends not to cover.

Stern warns that "Business is Simple" until academics and consultants make it complicated, and that this holds true for many organizations until they take the next step and grow. In his experience, this is when they become mired and require consultants while owners and managers lose themselves in semi-academic self-help books and articles about business management.

His book is meant to circumvent this quagmire while providing a concise and simple roadmap to corporate strategy, discussing which business administration tools work and, most importantly, which ones readers should avoid. "Business is Simple" is built around an eight-step flowchart spiced with numerous real-life examples about organizations of all sizes and, while it is very structured, it is written in a refreshing and inspiring way.


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