Neil Curtis and Daihana Torres Release NO GOD? KNOW GOD

Neil Curtis and Daihana Torres Release NO GOD? KNOW GOD

Freeport, N.Y.

Is there a God? Authors Neil Curtis and Daihana Torres throw some light on this question in No God? Know God, a spiritually enriching volume that transforms faith and belief into knowing and truth. No God? Know God will inspire readers to supersede societal limitations and create a new set of personal values, rich in moral fiber. This book makes it simple to identify and overcome the typical reasons why people experience difficulty and failure in life (i.e., disconnected from God, following low societal standards, personal pride, unresolved anger, ethical compromises, lack of unconditional love, fear and doubt.)

Today's society needs answers and wants them fast, but it takes more than self-analysis, meditation and a set of laws to help readers make better life choices. Here is the book that gradually helps readers enhance their intuitive, good nature for the benefit of themselves and those around them. The reader will learn how to connect to the Creator, ask for help and receive it. A series of scenarios are presented, proving that God, the Creator is not necessarily found through religion. No God? Know God, uniquely and effectively addresses both religious and non-religious readers, by respectfully helping to bring out the good in all people. Additionally, readers will learn and experience the benefits that come from being a good-hearted person. This book is truly the perfect tool for those in search of meaningful purpose in life. Answers and enlightenment are what Curtis and Torres provide, while effectively encouraging seekers to connect with God through a personal relationship.

Curtis' ultimate purpose in life is to help the world unite and progress through one common denominator, God the Creator. He begins the completion of this challenging task through No God? Know God, a valuable resource sure to leave readers anxious to develop their own connection with the Creator.

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