NOTEBOOK M by Gillian Savigny Poetry Collection Coming in October

September 11
10:51 2012
NOTEBOOK M by Gillian Savigny Poetry Collection Coming in October

Gillian Savigny's Notebook M imagines what scientific creativity might accomplish if given the space to play, free of the burden of empirical proof and the need to control meaning. Inspired by Charles Darwin's own "Notebook M," in which he brought his scientific sensibility to bear on decidedly unscientific notions of metaphysics, morals, and expression, in this collection the poet brings together the procedures of poetry and science.

The result is a remarkably accomplished first collection of poetry. Natural selection becomes a technique to pull poems from Darwin's prose. Metaphor becomes a way of testing hypotheses. Along the way, Savigny manipulates the lyric mode to address issues pertinent to both poets and scientists: issues of authorship, originality, and value. Invested with wonder, wit, and pathos, these poems strain against their own logic, affirming the wild, expressive potential of words.

Originally from Vancouver, Gillian Savigny has studied and worked in cities across Canada. She holds a B.A. honours degree in English Literature from Queen's University and an M.A. degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University. She lives in Toronto, where she works in the nonprofit sector.

October • Poetry • Trade paperback • 978-1-55483-083-1

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