Ms. Clarissa O. Clemens Announces Collection of Erotic Poetry

Ms. Clarissa O. Clemens Announces Collection of Erotic Poetry

SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ April is National Poetry Month, and in honor of this celebration of all things poetic, Pleasure Portal Press ( has recently released a collection of Clarissa O. Clemens' erotic poetry series titled, 'The Poetic Art of Seduction The Erotic Poetry Collection (Volumes 1-3)'. This Collection has a variety of poems to feed the fantasies of a growing audience that can't seem to get enough of anything and everything in the erotica genre of writing.

This passion-filled collection holds 78 poems of what Clarissa likes to call her "Kinky yet Classy" mini-epics of sex-soaked poetry. Each poem takes the reader into a vividly painted scene of sex, seduction and obsession. Ms. Clemens' poetry plunges fans into a sensual world through the use of concise bits of word play that never need to touch on the use of profanity tasteful and titillating.

What critics have said about Ms. Clemens' poetry:
'...A delicious dance with words...'
'...Mouth-watering feast of erotic rhyme...'
- Andy S. Wilkins, Author/Musician, - Amazon UK Review
'Impossible not to be aroused...'
'Sinfully seductive, Wickedly Wonderfulwritten with sensuality and class'
- M. St. Andre - Amazon US Review
'...her words ebb and flow with a superb sensuousness.'
- Nicholas Carr, Amazon, Author Amazon US Review

About Ms. Clemens' Works

Clarissa O. Clemens promotes sex-positivity through her poetry and her goal in sharing her private collection of erotic poetry is to help couples find the adventures that are possible when couples are able to live out their fantasies with a loving and playful partner. Ms. Clemens writes under a pseudonym to maintain her anonymity and so as not to embarrass her 2 college-aged daughters. Many of the poems contained in her books were written on a yellow post-it or in her Notes App on her iPhone while working at a conservative accounting position, in the waiting room of her daughter's orthodontist, or out in the world with a big grin on her face with no one around her suspecting the wild words oozing from the mind of "Clarissa."

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