Military Veteran Sean P. Hoggs Writes Autobiography THE BASTARD CHILD

Military Veteran Sean P. Hoggs Writes Autobiography THE BASTARD CHILD

Sean P. Hoggs learned at an early age that we cannot allow our socioeconomic background or tough start in life to define who we are - and he should know! At age 16, he set out to change a life riddled with drugs and crime, moving from one friend's house to the next, determined not to end up in jail or, even worse, dead!

The Bastard Child: A Story of Hope, Resiliency and Perseverance (Author House Publishing) is Hoggs' remarkable and long-awaited autobiography that tells the compelling story of growing up on the violent inner city streets of Central New Jersey, abused and often homeless. Through hard work, perseverance and fortitude, he became a success and ascended onto the national and international stage through his many humanitarian and mentoring efforts. For anyone trying to overcome personal hardship or dealing with any of life's challenges, this inspiring story is a must read.

Enduring an abusive and turbulent childhood with little chance of ever getting a helping hand, let alone a word of encouragement, would have made it easy for Sean Hoggs to go through life a victim, but this was never an option. Instead, he chose to serve as a humanitarian and mentor, advising at-risk youth that fame and fortune in sports and entertainment is a highly unlikely prospect while a life filled with love and family is something achievable and worth having - living proof that everyone, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic background, or station in life, can fulfill their dreams through determination, education and hard work.

"It is simply a story of hope," Hoggs says. "After all, the odds are against becoming a professional athlete or music star. However, with an education, the percentages are in your favor to accomplish anything you want in life."

Sean P. Hoggs is a decorated retired military veteran of over 24 years. He has served as both an enlisted service member and commissioned officer (after earning a Presidential appointment for his years of exceptional enlisted service) in the United States Air Force. In 2007 he was named one of the Ten Outstanding Young Americans and is a noted mentor and role model to inner city youth. An internationally recognized humanitarian, he is also proud to be a 2011 Hall of Fame inductee at the Plainfield, NJ High School.

Sean is currently a Senior Aerospace Instructor in his home state of New Jersey, where he lives with his wife of twenty-five years and their son. They have four children in all, ranging in age from sixteen to twenty-seven. For more information on Sean or his book, please visit the website:

The Bastard Child: A Story of Hope, Resiliency and Perseverance
Author House Publishing
Available online at
ISBN-13: 978-1491832868

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