Mila Ryk Releases 'Living Artists of Today'

Mila Ryk Releases 'Living Artists of Today'


Artist and author Mila Ryk wanted to create a new and different kind of art book, one that showcased the contemporary works and talents of modern day artists, in order to foster an appreciation for their creations and to familiarize readers with the current scene. The pages of "Living Artists of Today: Contemporary Art. Vol.II" presents masterpieces from around the world and the ingenious men and women who created them, making for an irresistible treat for connoisseurs and aficionados everywhere.

The book itself is a proverbial gallery, and through it readers will be able to journey through the world of contemporary art. They will be enticed by page after page of beautiful artwork, a diverse variety that will show them the different facets of the contemporary arts scene today as shaped by the talented artists as they pursue their passions. Different mediums, subject matters and styles of painting are featured, and each artist has his or her story written next to their work to give readers a better understanding of each piece.

The "Living Artists of Today" who will captivate readers in the pages of Ryk's book may very well be the ones who will shape the scene of tomorrow as they continue their crafts, their arts of the eye, the heart and the mind. In Ryk's words, they "create an extraordinary collection of art, capturing our life and displaying it through their prism of artistic vision to share with the rest of the world."

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