Michael J. Gajda Releases THE ANNOUNCEMENT

Michael J. Gajda Releases THE ANNOUNCEMENT

In his new book, "The Announcement," author Michael J. Gajda creatively explores and presents a challenge to today's spiritual hunger...a hunger which persists in an increasingly disconnected world. This is a powerfully written work...a spiritual, psychological, and social manifesto channeled through a fictional second person voice which takes a hard honest look at (and to) a soft and often dishonest planet that is slipping away from itself, a voice which expects much from its listeners...yet is unafraid to expose and confront the far-reaching consequences if its words are ignored.

Gajda describes his book as a literary lament, "a lament for the injustice, violence, and suffering that pervades when tribal thinking overtakes and dominates the minds of so many, which has become so ingrained and so habitual." At its core it is a moving message of hope incorporating practical insights that readers will easily recognize and may even utilize in order to break themselves free from a world that makes less and less sense.

Artist and musician Bill Sturk says about the book:

"You drive down a road for the hundredth time and notice a house you've never noticed before. You look at a picture and never saw that green spot before. You pick veggies or fruit and think you've cleared the area, then go back and see all the ones you missed. It's all in your point of view. There's a new perspective, a different angle - and you see things differently. And that's where The Announcement comes in. It provides that different point of view, that new perspective, that different angle, and does so with a purpose, It's for anyone who would like to see the world be a better place, but will challenge your ideas of what "better" is."

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