Mary Tyus Brown's THE LITTLE ELEPHANT'S HAND is Released

Mary Tyus Brown's THE LITTLE ELEPHANT'S HAND is Released

There was once a little elephant named Jo Jo who lives in the zoo with his Mama. Jo Jo had a friend named Na Na, a little monkey who ate so many bananas. Every day, Na Na would show Jo Jo how she could grab all types of food and get bananas with her bare hands. Jo Jo wishes that he also had hands so he could also do what Na Na does. Jo Jo will soon find out from his Mama that he can also reach and grab apples from the tree not by his hands but by using his trunks.

"The Little Elephant's Hand", an illustrative picture book written by author Mary Tyus Brown is about the sensitivity of a young elephant and the role his mama played in helping him overcome his sensitivity. It tells the story of a little elephant who wants to be like his friend monkey. He learned that he is made a certain way and has to learn to accept his body the way that it is and use it the way that he can. Once he accepted himself as he is, he becomes very happy.

More than just an entertaining read for children, "The Little Elephant's Hand" imparts a valuable message to readers that no two things are exactly the same in this world. Every individual has their own unique God given qualities they must learn to accept. Through this story, it teaches parents to be conscious of young children and their negative feelings and remind them as well about their role on helping these children overcome their bad feelings. On the other hand, this story also teaches children to accept and feel good about themselves just as they are. With acceptance, it will make them more respectful towards others.

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