Mary Lee Releases LIVE YOUR DREAM

Mary Lee Releases LIVE YOUR DREAM

As author Mary Lee reflected on her memories, she would often break down periods of life into four areas. She has heard throughout life about the "golden days" or the "winter" of one's life. She never quite understood why this period is important but it always intrigued her. She has reached those golden days of life and as she looks back, she finds that life is pretty standard and everyone goes through the same similar experiences at some time along the way. She takes the liberty of using references to the progression of life from experiences of many with whom she has had the pleasure of knowing and befriending and from experiences in her own life.

"Live Your Dream" tells the story of her life and about life in the midst of turmoil from the American Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II and other conflicts up to the present day. There are multiple characters included in this book who also describe the various hardships they have experienced during those tumultuous times in history. Mary Lee's life is interspersed in this memoir from a standpoint of being taught the value of faith and hard work from birth to adult life.

This book covers many years of life's discouragement and personal depression and the positive outcomes were hard work, faith and confidence, as experienced by many people. These instances are included as well as their ultimate success in life.

Everyone goes through periods of distress and needs support to look for the silver linings of life. With the turmoil throughout the world from upheavals, fear of life from hostile acts to financial insecurity, "Live Your Dream" provides a gleam of hope to those experiencing breakdown periods in their lives. Through this book, author Mary Lee encourages and shares the faith which she has known all along with others as they experience the seasons of life.

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