'Martyr' Follows Young Man's Adventure in Dystopian Society

August 31
5:27 2014
'Martyr' Follows Young Man's Adventure in Dystopian Society

Author Jackie Carr weaves a captivating sci-fi fantasy adventure that follows a young man's journey of self-discovery and enlightenment. "Martyr" (published by Xlibris) is a powerful tale that reflects how choices do not define the entirety of a person; that if the heart is in the right place, one should not worry about the gravity of their decisions.

In a dystopian time where social castes and hierarchy engulf one's sense of self, readers follow Elliot, an intelligent young man belonging to the common class - a pitiable title given to those not born of noble blood. Amidst civil unrest and uncertainty, Elliot is compelled to make life-altering decisions and he defies a Council whose cruelty and power are unmatched. As he risks his life in war, famine and the dissolution of his people in an effort to reclaim his lost loved one, Liana, he soon realizes that his decisions affect not only himself, but also those he holds dearest to his heart. In this timeless journey, alliances will be forged while others will shatter; choices will be made while its consequences surface; and love will be the pinnacle of danger. Elliot will uncover hidden truths about the corrupt class system, the pretext for a total disregard of human propriety and wars long forgotten - eventually leading him to discover a radical revelation pertaining to the origins of mankind itself.


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