'Mardi Gras Madness' is Released

'Mardi Gras Madness' is Released

The mystique of New Orleans-and the bustle of Mardi Gras-once again provides author Ken Mask with the perfect setting for a murder mystery in his new book 'Mardi Gras Madness.' Attorney turned private investigator Luke Jacobs refuses to sit idly by while his friend, prominent lawyer Jake Matos, remains locked up-unjustly-in the New Orleans Parish Prison, convicted of killing a police officer. Luke sets into motion an investigation that reveals dirty deeds, lies, and cover-ups among the colorful cast of players and the underbelly of New Orleans.

Jake Matos was driving home one night on a rural highway in Louisiana and was pulled over by police. An altercation ensues, bullets are fired, and one police officer is dead. Jake Matos is responsible for firing that bullet and he is eventually tried and found guilty of murder. Four years later, when a young witness-the only person other than Jake and the police who saw what really happened-comes out of the woodwork, Luke moves full steam ahead in an effort to free Jake and find the truth. He gathers a group of friends and associates who bring to the table their own expertise and eccentricities, and who move forward in multiple directions, eventually uncovering a dangerous conspiracy.

The backdrop of the bayou with its moss covered trees and symphony of crickets, and the buzz of the enigmatic city of New Orleans, lend a certain flavor to Ken Mask's powerful prose. The book is laced with vivid and sometimes surreal descriptions of the landscape of a cultural mecca that wears intrigue well. The warmth of the sun and shine of the moon, the thickness of the wetlands, the blend of Americana with French Creole, the joy of jazz, beautiful gardens and swampy visions, majestic mansions and Mardi Gras, are all palpable. "I wanted to blend the wonderful setting of Louisiana into a thriller-detective piece," says Mask.

Mask illustrates the unique dialect of New Orleans in his dialogue and uses nonlinear narrative to enhance his unusual style and voice. The story is fast-paced and suspenseful, and Mask doesn't hesitate to take advantage of the superstitious history of this old city nor does he shy away from the complex world of space-age technology. "There are sci-fi and vampire references," says Mask, "and I think readers will get a kick out of the plot points."

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