Make, Market, Launch It Book Hits #1 on

Make, Market, Launch It Book Hits #1 on

Pam Hendrickson and Mike Koenigs are honored to have their first co-authored book - Make, Market, Launch It: The Ultimate Production Creation System for Turning Your Ideas into Income - hit #1 on Amazon in not just one, but two separate Kindle Business & Investing categories: "New Business Enterprises" and "Product Management."

The book also reached #1 overall in both book and Kindle sales in the "New Business Enterprises" category as well as #1 in Kindle's overall "Business Marketing & Sales" category.

"We're thrilled that so many people are interested in turning their ideas into products they can use to create new sources of income," Hendrickson said.

Make, Market, Launch It is aimed at potential and current entrepreneurs who have a particular expertise they want to turn into a new source of income. Its seven-step system walks readers through the process of turning those ideas into a suite of products they can sell-books, live events, online courses, coaching programs and more.

Because the book presumes no prior experience, its strategies work equally well for both brand-new entrepreneurs and existing business owners. It can also help people with existing products maximize their marketing and sales efforts.

Make, Market, Launch It leverages Hendrickson and Koenigs' 40+ years of combined success in creating and marketing products and services. Hendrickson spent eighteen years at Robbins Research International, where she worked directly with peak performance coach and business strategist Tony Robbins as the Vice President of Content & Product Development. Koenigs has created several successful six- and seven-figure ventures, including Traffic Geyser, which distributes more than 1 million videos a month.

As entrepreneurs themselves, Hendrickson and Koenigs believe strongly in sharing the limitless potential of entrepreneurship with others.

"With the right strategies, anyone can turn his or her knowledge into products that will change lives and improve businesses," Koenigs says. "If you think you have an idea that can be turned into a product, you've found the right book, the right resources and the right people to help you on your journey."