Mafia Wife Comes Out of Hiding After 26 Years to Confront Her Bully in THE UNDERESTIMATED

Mafia Wife Comes Out of Hiding After 26 Years to Confront Her Bully in THE UNDERESTIMATED

1Key Media today announced the unveiling of a new book release that was written under extreme secrecy for the protection of a true Georgia legend of our time, Susan Weeks. Weeks' highly anticipated new book, The Underestimated, is the memoir of her life as the wife of a mafia gangster. The Underestimated, written by a motion picture screenwriter, which also reads like a movie, offers an exhaustive, detailed journey of courage, bravery, mystery, love, sex, betrayal, supernatural visitations, evil, abuse, bullying, organized crime, murder, politicians, the Dixie Mafia, inner circle members and secret affairs untold from her life before a 26 year hideout.

Through his mafia connections, Weeks' bully (her husband's closest mafia partner) had been able to find, threaten and torment Weeks anywhere she hid throughout the U.S. until she learned the daunting techniques of how to completely stay "off the grid." Within these 26 years of hiding, Weeks evolved to become fearless, chose to confront her bully even if it costs her life and also unrepentantly decided to become... The Underestimated.

Weeks' book reveals intricate details of her once unparalleled, lavish lifestyle turned ruin and disaster. From a young churchgoing girl who grew up on a small farm in Rhine, Georgia to becoming number 3 in the nation on the FBI list, Weeks has contributed to the changing of laws for abused women that were incarcerated because they were the weaker mates of violent men who forced them to participate in their criminal activities. The rising trend of bullying and resulting suicides worldwide has challenged Weeks to once again act without fear! "Enough is enough," said Weeks. "This was a life-daring write, but I will no longer just stand by and watch!" Weeks, throughout the last 26 years, has had such compassion on abused, bullied and underestimated women. "Universal Studios has tried to contact me on numerous occasions for years to get the inside scoop to produce the movie," said Weeks in an interview with her publisher. "I will use the proceeds of my bestseller to build a world class resource for abused and bullied women and also follow the launch of this book with a movie to inspire women around the world." Weeks is passionate and already building a world-changing resource for women to advantageously position them for success.

The Underestimated promises not only to be a riveting read but also the unfolding of an untold story of South Georgia's history that many have been unable to decipher for years.

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