MOMMY'S A MOLE Explores Inconsistencies in Murder Case

MOMMY'S A MOLE Explores Inconsistencies in Murder Case

The discovery of a human skull and then a skeleton in a wooded area in Hamilton, Mass., known for criminal activity changed everything-and nothing-for a family mourning the loss of a beloved daughter, sister, and sister-in-law. Eve Carson, the author of a new book detailing the unresolved mystery surrounding Joan Webster's murder in 1981, claims Joan's family continue to block a legitimate investigation of the case because of family secrets they want kept hidden. The book describes efforts to assassinate Carson's character, use psychological abuse, and drive a wedge between her and her children. According to the author, the Webster family ignored facts in the record, and silenced a member of Joan's immediate family-until now.

"Mommy's a Mole: Unraveling the Joan Webster Murder & Other Secrets in a CIA Family" presents the story of Joan, a well-respected and hard-working Harvard University graduate student who disappeared Thanksgiving weekend at Boston's Logan Airport. Her purse and wallet were found minus cash in a Massachusetts marsh. Carson, the victim's sister-in-law, writes that from the beginning the investigation didn't add up, despite the numerous departments and law enforcement personnel working on the investigation. The family left out or misrepresented facts, delayed reporting her missing, and didn't seem to be grieving Joan's disappearance. But this is a family used to keeping secrets-Joan's parents, George and Eleanor, worked for the CIA during an era when psychological tools were commonplace.

Joan's case becomes linked to another case-Marie Iannuzzi, MA Superior Court #038655 & #043033, a young woman murdered in 1979, thanks to an anonymous phone call-not new evidence. A young prosecutor, part of Boston's dysfunctional system in the 1980s, becomes involved and eventually publishes a book with his own interpretation of both investigations, blaming Leonard Paradiso, a shellfish peddler. The author's anguish over her sister-in-law's investigation comes through loud and clear in the book, which details the botched investigation and manipulations by the family and others to obscure the truth. Carson came under attack from all sides, but she hopes her experiences "will lead to stronger sunshine laws that remove control from those who fail to protect the vulnerable."

Author Eve Carson has a degree in economics and industrial management from Purdue University. She joined the Webster family when she married Joan's brother Steve in 1980 and belonged to the immediate family when Joan disappeared. She eventually took on the unresolved case after becoming alienated from her two daughters. Carson reveals hidden and explosive evidence in this tell-all book about one of Boston's most sensational unresolved murders. She puts a personal face on victims of covered up crime and the dire consequences of public corruption.

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Mommy's a Mole: Unraveling the Joan Webster Murder & Other Secrets in a CIA Family
Eve Carson
Mommys A Mole, LLC
ISBN: 978-0-9897-2756-3
424 pages
$19.95 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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