MANY WAYS FOR COOKING EGGS by Sarah Tyson Rorer is Available Now

MANY WAYS FOR COOKING EGGS by Sarah Tyson Rorer is Available Now

We came across the parody book cover that's pictured below (on left) -- Eggs: 99 Ways to Peel Them. We couldn't stop laughing.

While it was just in jest, it did call to mind a popular cookbook that we've reissued in electronic form: Many Ways For Cooking Eggsby Sarah Tyson Rorer. Mrs. Rorer's book (on right) is in fact a handy kitchen reference that shares many recipes, ranging from omelets to soufflés.

This real-deal egg cookbook is available only as an ebook ... so we like to call it an e-cookbook. The digital format allows us to keep the price low -- only $1.99. Less than you'd likely pay for a carton of eggs.

Many Ways For Cooking Eggs is easy to store on your iPhone or e-reader device for handy reference. This eggs-only e-cookbook is sure to give you new ideas for your next Sunday brunch. Or spice up the family's breakfast menu.

MANY WAYS FOR COOKING EGGS by Sarah Tyson Rorer is Available Now

From sauces to shirring to spices, you'll discover new tips, shortcuts, and how-to's. But mostly you will find exactly what the title promises: Many Ways For Cooking Eggs.

Richly illustrated, you will find everything from Eggs Baked In Tomato Sauce to Eggs A La Reine, Eggs Mexicana to Eggs Meyerbeer, Hungarian Eggs to Eggs Nova Scotia.

Frying, poaching, baking, deviling, it's all here in this comprehensive guide. If you thought you knew how to prepare eggs, you're in for some delightful new ideas.

Many Ways For Cooking Eggs is available as a 30-second-to-download ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or on the publisher's online bookstore website ( under the Cookbook category. Only $1.99 and it magically appears on your Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPhone, or computer.

"As the editor for this classic cookbook, I tried many of the recipes recommended by Mrs. Roher," says Pamela Paige, a senior staffer at Absolutely Amazing eBooks. "I'm still licking my lips."

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