MAKE, MARKET, LAUNCH IT Book Aims to Create More Entrepreneurs

MAKE, MARKET, LAUNCH IT Book Aims to Create More Entrepreneurs

Pam Hendrickson and Mike Koenigs have just released their first co-authored book, Make, Market, Launch It: The Ultimate Production Creation System for Turning Your Ideas into Income.

Make, Market, Launch It is aimed at potential and current entrepreneurs who have a particular expertise they want to turn into a new source of income. Its seven-step system walks readers through the process of turning those ideas into a suite of products they can sell-books, live events, online courses, coaching programs and more.

"We believe that the world is hungry for authentic voices. Everyone has a unique perspective to make sense of the world. Make, Market, Launch It offers a simple, seven-step system for turning that expertise into a product or service to create a new source of revenue," Hendrickson explains.

The book presumes no prior experience in business, making it easily accessible to first-time entrepreneurs.

"It's my life's mission to create a million new entrepreneurs," Koenigs says. "The Make, Market, Launch It book is a significant piece of that mission."

In addition to offering strategies for brand-new entrepreneurs, the book also offers insights for existing business owners. It can also help people with existing products maximize their marketing and sales efforts.

"We want to help people create something meaningful that leverages their unique knowledge and experience," Hendrickson says.

Hendrickson previously spent eighteen years at Robbins Research International, where she worked directly with peak performance coach and business strategist Tony Robbins as the Vice President of Content & Product Development. She is a 2012 Bronze Stevie Award Winner for Female Entrepreneur of the Year.

She left the Robbins organization to continue the legacy of her mother, a renowned music teacher from Corning, NY. "I wanted to use what I'd learned from her-and from my work experience-to help others create products and services that make a difference in other people's lives," she explains.

Koenigs has served as a producer, marketer and consultant for Sony Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, 3M, General Mills, Dominos Pizza, Ralston, Mazda Motors. He is the creator of Traffic Geyser, an online system which distributes 1+ million videos per week.

Koenigs and Hendrickson teamed up in late 2011 to combine their experience into a business devoted to teaching small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, speakers, consultants and coaches how to make their own products and create businesses around them. Hendrickson and Koenigs' current clients have already released #1 Amazon best-sellers, corporate wellness programs, subscription-only interview series, and six-figure consulting businesses.
"This book represents our combined 40+ years experience and knowledge," Koenigs says. "It's an opportunity for people to do what we've done as entrepreneurs, no matter their background or expertise-or where in the world they live. This book will show anyone how to create a self-sustaining, successful business of his or her own."