Lynette Louise Releases THE WINGMAKER

Lynette Louise aka THE BRAIN BROAD would like to remind families, especially those feeling stuck due to loss, extreme disabilities, or poverty, that purposeful play heals the body and encourages the brain to grow healthy. Also, it's fun!

In her recently released book, The WingMaker, Lynette shares the true story of a girl with severe disabilities who had almost given up hope of ever becoming a contributing family member and playful sibling. Lynette explains with kindness how the momthough never complaining and always doing what needed to be donehad begun to fear both play and believing in possibilities. However, when Lynette worked with the family everyone learned to fly with wings of hope. And with purposeful play they gained many skills once believed to be impossible.

"When I would play with Sarah," Lynette explains, talking about the girl with Cerebral Palsy that the book is fashioned after, "I would listen to her sounds for word approximations while we played. I would then pretend to be or do whatever I was guessing she had said. Eventually, she began to believe in her words and worked to make them clear. Knowing that I would act on her words was a great motivator." As Sarah was learning to speak through play, her body was also growing stronger. "I loved watching her push the spit tube away, insisting to be more and more herself! You see, we had played games where I gave her roles that encouraged her to practice arm strength and more. So, because it was such fun, and because we believed she could, she learned and got a little more independent."

Very often when families are struggling with extreme disabilities, poverty, or the loss of a loved one, they stop playing and just "do". Just teach, work, make rules, make chartsbut this (when not coupled with age appropriate play or fun motivators) actually slows down success.

"The brain is always changing, growing, making new pathways and connections," Lynette explains in her book trailer for The WingMaker. "Whether it grows forwards or backwards is up to you." Lynette admits that having neurofeedbackbiofeedback for the brainis one of the reasons why she is so successful with all of her clients. But she also insists that even with purposeful play alone, anyone can make huge changes and gain impressive skills.

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