'Losing Plum Blossom' by Eleanor B. Morris Wu is Released

Clarissa, a Vietnam war widow from Kansas, travels to Taiwan to be in the same place her air force pilot husband was deployed before he was shot down over China. Distraught and lonely, Clarissa falls madly in love with the handsome, charismatic half Taiwanese, half Japanese doctor, Ahmed, who is treating her for her back ailments. The son of a Japanese war criminal who was commandant of the POW camp in Taiwan during WWII, Ahmed was the victim of traumatic abuse by Chinese soldiers who liberated Taiwan from the Japanese after the war and is unable to relate to women. Caught in a vortex of seemingly unrequited love, Clarissa finds solace in the attention of a glamorous American intelligence agent living in Taiwan. "Losing Plum Blossom" by Harvard graduate and Lancaster PA native, Eleanor Morris Wu, published by Bookbaby, and populated by a host of unforgettable characters, is a not to miss novel of East meets West in the post war era.

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