Lisa Bonavita Exposes Secrets in New Book

September 4
6:58 2014
Lisa Bonavita Exposes Secrets in New Book

Unveiling the sordid truth shatters author Lisa Bonavita's rose-coloured glasses. In her depths of despair, she travels back to where it all began. She outlines her two failed marriages and exposes the volatile life she shared with Graham. Her daughter Olivia reveals a sinister incident involving her stepfather. Chilled to the bone, the author collapses into her overwhelming fear and remains silent.

"Secrets Exposed" tells the true story of the author Lisa Bonavita as a woman and a mother to children who fall victims to the incestuous acts of Graham, her partner. She has spent a decade of her life in fear. She knows that she cannot protect her children all by herself. The fear and uncertainty of what Graham will do cause doubt as to whether she should speak up or not. Feeling vulnerable, stressed and fatigued, dealing with her daughters' molestations wears thin on her. Shrouded in secrecy, Bonavita struggles to cope with her own fears and her children's insecurities.

Years later, the truth can no longer be denied. Graham's carnal act make the author realise that she can no longer remain silent. Somehow, she needs to find her voice and make a stand not only for herself but most importantly, for her children. Bonavita embarks on a legal trek to find justice for her daughters that often takes her on an increasingly frustrating path. At times she feels that she is the accused person. Her children are guided by authorities and she feels that she is no longer in control of the situation. Will Graham be arrested for his crime against Bonavita's' two daughters? Will they get the justice that they richly deserve? And will she still be able to discover her strength and regain her self-worth after everything has happened?


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