Linda Stiles Fox Releases eBook: 'A Cabin in the Woods'

February 7
6:09 2014
Linda Stiles Fox Releases eBook: 'A Cabin in the Woods'

Available Now at "A Cabin in the Woods" by Las Vegas author Linda Stiles Fox.

Pamela Bradford Tinsley is moving across the United States to work in her father's West Coast offices. Although happy to be working with her father, she is not happy that her father's main interest seems to be setting her up with his right hand man Dallas Trent. After making it perfectly clear she's not interested in this or any other relationship at the moment, Pam takes a much needed vacation before starting her new position in the company. Her destination...the family cabin in Colorado where she hasn't visited since she was a teenager. In the meantime, Dallas is taking a week off himself and Simon Tinsley has offered him his empty cabin for a week of fishing and relaxing. It's just the kind of week Dallas needs, until a small, blonde stranger interrupts his sleep at midnight. With neither willing to divulge personal information or give up their rights to the cabin, a week of grief seems to be their destiny. But destiny has other ideas for these two...and falling in love is at the top of that list.

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