Book Launch for SOOP Author Eric Mondschein to Be Held, 7/1

Book Launch for SOOP Author Eric Mondschein to Be Held, 7/1

New York, NY

The official book launch for Eric Mondschein's critically acclaimed "Life at 12 College Road," to be held on July 10 in New York City, will both celebrate and reflect the diverse charms found in the author's collection of "real-life" short stories.

In addition to readings from Mondschein, the event will feature refreshments, musical interludes, and readings from fellow Something or Other Publishing authors Wade Fransson (Madison, WI) and Rohini Singh (Trinidad and Tobago). It will be held at 53 East 11th Street in New York from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

"Life at 12 College Road" differs significantly from most traditional memoirs in both content and form. Rather than relate the most newsworthy moments of his life in a linear, chronological narrative, Mondschein instead focuses on more intimate memories from his childhood life in rural New York in a series of 33 colorful vignettes.

"In reflecting on my past, I found that it was not the major, earth-shattering events that were truly significant for me," said Mondschein. "Rather, it was the small things, many of which I'd forgotten until sitting down to write the book."