Lewis Tagliaferre's New Book Offers Alternative to Organized Religion in THEOFATALISM

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Author Lewis Tagliaferre challenges traditional religious beliefs in his provocative new book, "Theofatalism: Theology for Agnostics and Atheists" (published by iUniverse).

"When bad things happen that challenge your faith in a loving God, you will need a belief system that accommodates the reality of suffering in life," Tagliaferre explains. "Traditional religion fails to provide an answer to the question of why bad things happen to good people. 'Theofatalism' provides a solution with a new form of belief in GOD as the prime mover of the universe. This could be the start of a new spiritual reformation."

Tagliaferre uses sources from history, science, politics, religion and philosophy to challenge traditional religious belief systems and presents God as an entirely new concept. The book imagines God as "Generator, Operator, Destroyer," and the "prime mover of the universe," and encourages readers to look for God everywhere, in everything from atoms to galaxies.

Presented as a series of practical, illustrative essays, "Theofatalism" outlines five principles of theofatalism that "explain everything that happens throughout the universe," Tagliaferre says. According to the author, this new belief system accommodates the reality of suffering and promotes self-awareness and inner peace.

"It is possible to feel good inside no matter what happens outside," asserts Tagliaferre, "by changing your belief about God and replacing the god of holy books with the prime mover of the universe, GOD."

By Lewis Tagliaferre
Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 558 pages | ISBN 9781475991215
E-Book | ISBN 9781475991222
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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