Lauralee Holsing Releases 'How to Pray the Lord's Prayer'

Author Lauralee Holsing presents a thought-provoking and enlightening book about the Lord's Prayer. This book is intentionally written to have a folksy, practical and down-to-earth feel. It contains some homespun illustrations as well as a smattering of personal examples. It removes the liturgical feel from the Lord's Prayer and brings the teaching home to where one lives. "How to Pray the Lord's Prayer" is a valuable devotional guide for readers to explore their spiritual growth.

This book is intended to give instruction on how to use the Lord's Prayer as a framework, a system of sorts, for a daily quiet time. As such, it is both a devotional guide and a book for personal growth. Each of the short chapters examines a phrase of the Lord's Prayer, gives anecdotes and offers scriptures that will ignite a conversation with the Lord. It is not excessively doctrinal, but promotes more heartfelt dimensions to personal worship.

From Jesus's teaching and from personal experiences, "How to Pray the Lord's Prayer" describes what prayer isn't. This encompasses the topics of hypocritical praying, praying like pagans, wrong-minded habits and traditions, and some people's penchant for telling God what to do. One chapter invites the reader to reflect upon God's attributes by recapping the story of the children of Israel. Each chapter expands upon a phrase from the Lord's Prayer in a way that engages the reader in personal reflection while focusing on the Lord.

"How to Pray the Lord's Prayer" is significantly different from other books on meditation and prayer that are available on the market because of its rich, fresh thoughts that inspire seasoned believers and instructional enough to guide a young Christian. For its expansions and diverse new applications for the universal theme of the Lord's Prayer, this book can have, beyond evangelical circles, broad appeal in cultural mainstreams.

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