Latest Android App Book by Silver Bullet Helps To Stay Up-To-Date With Changing Tech World

February 11
8:35 2013

Latest Android App Book by Silver Bullet Helps To Stay Up-To-Date With Changing Tech World

Writing under the pen name "Silver Bullet" a team of serious tech and business enthusiasts working with Silver Bullet Books publishing company has just released a new book of their top picks for the best Android apps available on the market today. The team ranges greatly in age, lifestyles, and professions, giving this book a varied and well-rounded viewpoint. As part of a promotional first weekend, Silver Bullet Books is allowing Reviewed: The Best 150 Kindle Fire HD Apps to be given away to customers for free on

Wanting to help people who enjoyed discovering new apps but who were lacking in time to scour app marketplaces, Silver Bullet's book is the result of over a hundred hours of research. And it's not just a list of top apps. Reviewed provides the reader with a quick reference for price, rating, and image of each app, which has been categorized into one of fifteen sections, such as cooking, games, and productivity. The authors then provide the reader with a complete (although not painstakingly long) review of the app, making it very clear why this particular app was chosen to be one of the 150.

One of the team members for Silver Bullet commented that while it was fun researching for the book, he "can't imagine anyone in their right mind wanting to do this on their own time" because of the enormous amount of trial and error and frustration that went in to the process. "Not to mention the money wasted," he laments.

Promising updates every month so that the reader can stay informed about the latest apps, which ones to download and which ones to pass, Reviewed is sure to become one of the favorite sources of Android app information, especially for Kindle Fire users, in the months and years to come.

"It's an exciting project," says one of the writers. "Really we're just glad to help people out and make sure they don't waste their time and money like we have."

For a free copy of Reviewed: The Best 150 Kindle Fire HD Apps visit before Wednesday, February 13.

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