Larry Garner Recalls His Adventures in Africa in New Book

July 8
7:11 2014
Larry Garner Recalls His Adventures in Africa in New Book

Sunshine Coast, Australia

"Gold, Bars & Diamonds" (published by Xlibris AU) is an account of the three challenging years Larry Garner spent in South Africa. Creatively amusing and full of adventures, this autobiography depicts his growth as a person as he meets new people and faces various trials.

Always a glutton for punishment and in sore need of money again, Larry Garner set sail for Africa to work in the supposedly lucrative mining industry. Accompanied by the sorriest collection of colleagues, bosses and enemies to grace a book, Garner and his bunch of wily mates scrape through life, with an eye ever open for the chance of a quick buck, including winning the National Darts Championship and buying a racing yacht. They always managed to stay within the law - unless the law was downright inconvenient - and escaped Africa before the authorities discovered their expired visas or the mayhem they had left behind. Also, Garner always managed to leave with a little something extra tucked away somewhere.

Exuding excitement and thrill in almost everything he does, Larry Garner hopes readers will enjoy his adventures in "Gold, Bars & Diamonds" as much as he did.


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