Kim Dickson Shares Crafts and Activities for Seniors in New Book

Kim Dickson Shares Crafts and Activities for Seniors in New Book

Author Kim Dickson discovered through years of volunteer work with senior citizens that there was very little information available on crafts, activities, and entertainment for elderly confined to assisted living facilities. After much research and through trial and error, she created and developed over 150 crafts and activities that she introduced to many seniors with wonderful results.

In her book entitled "150+ Crafts and Activities for Senior," Dickson shares to readers a hands-on guide with thought-provoking ideas and numerous proven crafts and activities to enrich the lives of seniors in assisted living and nursing home facilities. Also included is a compilation of real-life stories and experiences of senior citizens that she has witnessed living as well as crafts and activities, senior care, and general tips.

Dickson found that senior citizens in assisted living centers and nursing homes really enjoy arts and crafts. According to her, craft activities are one of the best ways to stimulate and entertain seniors during all phases of the aging process. Games, crafts, and activities keep them involved in social groups and interactions and help prevent boredom. Dickson observed that when seniors engage in an activity or craft, it gives their mind something else to do besides thinking about things that depress them. Many crafts help maintain eye and hand coordination and encourage stimulation of electrical impulses in the brain that offer pleasure to those engaging in enjoyable activities. Crafting allows seniors the freedom to express themselves, she said.

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