Kevin McArdle Names Six Deadly Marketing Mistakes in New Book

Kevin McArdle Names Six Deadly Marketing Mistakes in New Book

Kevin McArdle has just released his first book, The Six Deadly Marketing Mistakes-and How to Fix Them.

The Six Deadly Marketing Mistakes shows executives and managers how to stop creating the irrelevant marketing that causes customers to tune out.

"Too many companies talk in terms of themselves-their experience, their products. People simply don't listen to messages like that," says McArdle.

"If you want to get your prospective customers' attention-and stand out in your marketplace-you need to tell your story in a way that's compelling, relevant and meaningful to them."

In the book, McArdle pairs the six mistakes with six messaging solutions that companies need to persuade their prospects to take action-and to create a competitive advantage in their marketplace.

"So many people think that it's bad economic times or a tough, competitive marketplace that's keeping them from success. Often, it's a case of ineffective messaging," points out McArdle.

For example, McArdle argues that marketers are too focused on the "mechanics" of their marketing-whether they need a blog, whether they should post on Facebook or whether they should start a Pinterest page.

Instead, he says, "it's the messages that are going to create a competitive edge in those customer conversations. You can post on Facebook all day long, but if you're posting messages that don't mean anything to your customers, you're not going to get results."

The Six Deadly Mistakes shows companies how to create those meaningful and compelling messages, with strategies including:

How to inspire emotion in your customers by casting them as the hero of your company's story.
How to grab your customer's attention through the power of context.
How to move your customers toward immediate action by using contrast in your messaging.
How to make your products more valuable by developing a unique point of view in your content.
How to use a single tweak to transform your features/benefits statements into your most powerful competitive weapon.
How to create messages that inspire customers to actual action, instead of just creating interest.
How to use all six messaging solutions to create competitive advantage in your marketplace and outmaneuver the other players in your field.

McArdle developed these strategies after 25+ years of domestic and international experience in competitive differentiation consulting. He was awarded the Star of Excellence twice for his work with Medtronic, Inc., a world-leading medical device manufacturer. His other clients include Caterpillar, Inc., GlaxoSmithKline, Honda Motor Company and the Marriott Company, among others.

"Companies who put these strategies into action will easily withstand both economic pressures and competitive pressures. They'll easily stand out among their competition-and in the minds of their customers," says McArdle.

The Six Deadly Marketing Mistakes-and How to Fix Them is available for Kindle through or at:

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