Kelda Rolle Reveals the Mysteries of Men in New Book

Kelda Rolle Reveals the Mysteries of Men in New Book

Could it be that everything you think you know about men, is in fact, wrong?

"Men Under a Microscope" by Kelda Rolle is an easy-to-read guide for uncovering the mysteries of men. As Rolle opens readers' eyes to a man's basic core, they will come to a better understanding of why they operate the way they do.

"If you, man or woman, would like to be enlightened about a man's most commonly traveled course when he's involved with a woman, take a look at my guide," Rolle said.

Regardless of the reader's marital status, gender or sexual orientation, he or she will benefit from learning the systematic patterns that carry over from man to man.

Women will come to understand the benefits of deeply understanding men, and men will come to better understand themselves.

Rolle draws from personal experience to give men and women insight into relationships, the male mind and sex.

"Men Under a Microscope"
By Kelda Rolle
ISBN: 978-1-4918-1570-0
Retail price: $16.95
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Author House online bookstores

About the author
Kelda Rolle is an emerging author who wishes to encourage readers to dig a little bit deeper into their relationships. After closely studying the actions of men, Rolle uncovered answers to questions many men and women have about the male mind. She has two sons and currently resides in New Providence, Bahamas where she is engaged in a medical program.

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