Kamal The African Warrior by Paul Odiaka is Released

Kamal The African Warrior by Paul Odiaka is Released


This year, first-time author Paul Odiaka released his novel of heroism, vengeance and bravery, titled "Kamal The African Warrior." Now, he is set to showcase his story in an upcoming book fair. In this epic tale about a young man's rise to kingship and the journeys he and his friends are subjected to go through, book lovers will learn that fate, strong will and hard work are indispensable in forging one's ultimate destiny.

Kamal was born and bred amongst the Masi people living deep in the heart of West Africa. Unknown to him, he was the first son of the most revered king of Sharman, King Madogo Shal Adak-a fact which his mother kept from him all his life. But even a secret has a shelf-life. And his destiny is about to change as a vile plot to get rid of the King is about to take place perpetrated by his two-faced advisor Anaki, with the help of his son, Malinga.

Following King Madogo Al Shadak's assassination, stone-hearted Anaki fears his rule, although illegitimate, can crumble to dust knowing outside the kingdom, a young and rightful heir to the throne still lives. He orders his minions to attack the Masi people's village in search for the King's estranged son.

Chaos ensues in Kamal's village as houses are burned to the ground and people are seized. Driven away from his homeland, Kamal vows to return for his family and the rest of the Masi people. Together with his friends, they prime themselves with the help of the great Maduk Kabatu. They must take on the quest even if it means liberating their people from the hands of Anaki's swarming and merciless legion.