KEEPING MINDS, a Sexy and Suspenseful Kindle Novel, Out Now in Paperback

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Due to a huge response and demand from thousands of readers around the world, Keeping Minds - a seductively sexy story about the human brain, is now available in a highly anticipated, paperback version from This book is already being considered by many as the next big hit book series, with fans that span across both the Twilight Saga and 50 Shades of Gray books.

Be one of the first people to check out the debut paperback edition of this, smart yet sexy, best selling novel.


What could trigger a chain of events that would take a couple of ordinary people on a dark, intricate journey that twists until the very suspenseful end?

A lustful, late night skinny dip. A mysterious woman's disappearance. A botched, messy robbery. An unsettling police interrogation. A cold blooded murder.

...or all of the above, perhaps?

Keeping Minds is a compelling story about the good in people and the bad in people. A consuming story about people changing and people being forced to change. An intriguing story about how the human mind can impact your perception, of the entire world.

A sexy sensual ride through the lives and minds of ordinary people being pushed into extraordinary circumstances. Keeping Minds is an intense look at how the person you are, may only be what is in your memories...and in your mind.

Contains Adult Content.

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