John Stephen Ayliffe's Novel THE PRIEST'S WOMAN Portrays Struggle of Faith and Shortcomings of Organized Religion

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Man's personal connection with the divine can often be at odds with the strictures of organized religion. The compromises and failures of these religious organizations can discourage the innate spirituality of the faithful. The recent scandals wracking the Catholic Church have led many believers to question their devotion to a party so steeped in controversy. In his new novel, "The Priest's Woman," author John Stephen Ayliffe steps into the fray with his own take on the Church's mortal failings, and its long history of hierarchical duplicity that will shock many readers.

Ayliffe's work is a collection of stories involving the challenges Catholics face today, and the clash between their compassionate views and an increasingly conservative Church. In "A Woman Saved," a mother confesses that she is working as an escort to pay off her family's debts and keep her children in school, while her priest gives her comfort and solace rather than sermons and condemnation. "The Decline" portrays Father Salvatore's contention with the power plays in the local parish and his issues with his sexual orientation as hardliners from the Opus Dei clash with his more liberal views. Peter and Rosanna share their love in "The Priest's Woman," when Peter breaks his vow of celibacy in defiance of the Vatican's archaic rules for its ordained members. Ayliffe delves into the Church's shameful past with "The Man in the Holy Trinity Tie," when an intrepid journalist exposes the Vatican's collaboration with Adolf Hitler's regime.

"The Priest's Woman" is an anthology that, as a whole, tells the story of modern Catholics, and how their compassion and goodness is being stifled by the hypocrisy and archaic mindset prevalent in the Church. Ayliffe's work will intrigue and compel readers who wish to gain a deeper insight into the issues facing Catholicism today.

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John Stephen Ayliffe has published two books. "Blind Man's Bluff" is the story of a blind man who took on the world. This man hitch-hiked India, swam in shark-infested waters, and sailed the forbiddingly challenging Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, all while conducting a business aimed at keeping the media on its toes. Ayliffe co-wrote "My Brother's Eyes" with his brother, David, who survived 16 years in a destructive cult, a life episode that tore the brothers apart. Interested readers can download the book on Amazon Kindle or purchase both books on

The Priest's Woman * by John Stephen Ayliffe
And Other Real Life Stories
Publication Date: September 30, 2012
Trade Paperback; AU$29.99; 157 pages; 978-1-4797-2359-1
Trade Hardback; AU$49.99; 157 pages; 978-1-4797-2360-7
Ebook; AU$9.99; 978-1-4797-2361-4

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