John Parker Debuts ESCAPE ROUTE

John Parker Debuts ESCAPE ROUTE

"I am a coyote... a wolf... who has learned the escape route you must have to survive in order to get through life and enjoy it!"

These are the words of debut author John Parker, who, in his hysterical new book Escape Route draws from his remarkable background as a world traveler, adapting his riotous antics while trekking the globe into a book that will help any traveler enjoy their journeys.

With Escape Route, Parker opens up about his travels, the many tight spots he got himself into over the years and how he managed to escape scot-free - a phrase that, as a Scot, he knows well. Pulling no punches, he writes with a sense of humor shaped by the '70s, when people were less concerned with political correctness.

Parker's humor flavors his story with a characteristically Scottish - and, for those who might be easily offended, very adult - perspective. "This book will appeal to people because it is funny," he says. "I have nailed the West of Scotland humor in it... which is a humor that is very unique."

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Escape Route
By John Parker
ISBN: 978-1-4772-2620-9 Softcover, retail price: $19.76 E-book price: $3.99

John Parker was born in 1964 an Ayrshire farmer's boy in the West of Scotland and educated at Gateside school and Garnock Academy, Kilbirnie. He studied at the Glasgow College of Building and Printing and became an engineer in the gas industry, where he's still employed.

Preferring to tutor himself now, he has learned various languages to assist him while travelling and is fluent in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French and Gaelic.

After having back-packed and travelled all over the world, mainly by himself, Parker now prefers to divide his time travelling between his home in Gourock, Scotland and his house on La Isla de la Juventud in Cuba. His interests are writing comedy, travelling and photography.