John Nieman Releases ART OF LISTS IV

Art and poetry are two different things and they can be interpreted in many myriad ways. For author John Nieman, he aims to achieve a book that is equally thought-provoking and artistic that readers can easily understand and appreciate. "Art of Lists IV" is a volume of unique art and poetry. Neiman believes the art has a background of pop culture lists, complemented with a relevant poem. He affirms that there are many connections in life if people look hard enough.

This book highlights how people love to see lists in any variety and when these are combined with original art, it exudes powerful combination that people would love and enjoy. For example, what's on the people's to-do list? Which are the best ever movie mysteries? Who are the all-time best sax players? And just to race forward, what comprises their personal bucket list? Nieman captures these themes with arresting visuals and accompanies them with a short, personal verse. After three previous books in this theme, the work continues, and this newest installment just illustrates the enduring, vibrant power of the conjoined idea.

Exciting, fun and brimming with bright colors and ideas, "Art of Lists IV" is definitely an amazing work that excites, informs and entertains as it teases readers' imaginations, challenges their intellects and appeals to their emotions.

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