Jim Hendleman Searches for Lost Civilization in New Book JAREDITES

June 22
8:56 2013

Jim Hendleman Searches for Lost Civilization in New Book JAREDITES

In "Jaredites: The Missing Civilization X: What Classical Archaeologists Have Covered up, Ignored and Pretends Does Not Exist" (published by AuthorHouse), Jim Hendleman's new book, readers are guided through a close examination of man's early history beginning from c.3100 BC. Using the Bible and the Book of Mormon as the base references, and exploring and analyzing historical hard evidence uncovered by a multitude of off-mainline archaeologists and researchers, he works to prove the existence of and provide the name of archaeology's long-lost civilization.

According to Hendleman, researchers and historians are well aware of the existence of this missing ancient civilization, but they have failed to piece together all the various clues. "Mainstream classical scientists have ignored the evidence and proof of the Jaredite Civilization's existence because it shatters science's contrived Pixi Dust matrix of what they consider to be mankind's timeline of earthly existence," he says.

"Jaredites: the Missing Civilization X" discusses the Adamic Civilization's prophet, Noah, who, according to Hendleman, along with his small family unit, the sole world survivors of the Great Flood, began to build up another, the Second civilization, in Sumeria in northeast Iraq after the Flood waters receded. "Noah brought with him aboard the Ark, all possible equipment from the First Civilization necessary to establish this new civilization, including a powerful refracting telescope, power tools and knowledge to build an electrical source" he says. "The Jaredites stem from Shem, one of Noah's three sons, traced through to their settlement of Babylon and thence to the Tower of Babel fiasco. From there, God split off the Jaredites and led them to Peru of South America to become the greatest civilization our world has ever seen lasting about 2,530-years."

Additional topics covered include: the real methods by which the pyramids were built; a possible answer to the mystery of the Sphinx; the location of King Solomon's mines; the real reason Rome wanted to conquer Egypt; the source of the UFO's; what the astronauts found on the moon; what exists on Mars and elsewhere within our solar system; the real truth about ET; ancient, advanced tools used by ancient peoples and they were not rock hammers or copper chisels, tools which are but a heart beat away from being discovered; a pair of 2,700 mile concrete highways the length of South America, complete with paved exit ramps, a paved secondary highway system and with tunnels bored straight through granite mountains and suspension bridges over great chasms, all built c.2500 BC; two miles of ice and snow now cover Antarctica and Greenland but were both lush and moderate and maybe civilized during the Jaredites' peak; Columbus used ancient Jaredite maps; and answers to many other "secrets," such as automobiles, medicine, tools, space travel, ET, pre-historic nuclear war, and more that destroy the claims and myths given by classical archaeologists.


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