Jill Curb Releases 'The Hourglass'

Jill Curb Releases 'The Hourglass'

Could a child's vivid imagination help them succeed?

Author Jill Curb's interest in education combined with her love of writing inspired "The Hourglass," a young adult fiction designed to encourage an active imagination and a love of reading in children.

"Reading should be an active and constant part of our lives," Curb said. "I believe we learn when we enjoy what we read. When learning is contained within the context of a imaginative story, what we read has a way of attaching itself to our memories."

Curb believes "The Hourglass" can help foster her idea that children need reading options that convey positive stories and embrace imagination. To Curb, education should be an open process that allows exploration of innovative ideas.

"Parents need to stay involved in what their kids are reading and encourage children to explore their imaginations," said Curb. "Parents need to play an active role in the development of their children. They are just as responsible for their child's education as teachers."

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"The Hourglass"
By Jill Curb
Paperback: $19.95
ISBN: 978-1-4908-2013-2
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and WestBow Press

About the author:
Jill Curb is an attorney, writer and television production executive. She specializes in young adult stories and enjoys creative writing and storytelling. Interested in education, her love for writing is continuously sparked by children's natural ability to learn through story. Her family of four lives on the West Coast, where they share time between Washington State and California.

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