Jenny Ford Presents New Whodunit Series

Jenny Ford Presents New Whodunit Series

The severed head lay peacefully in a pool of blood on the cold, cement slab below without a trace of the torture and torment it left behind. The haunting visage wore a serene smile and the wide-open brown eyes showed no sign of pain or struggle. So begins the outrageously gripping, new novel by author Jenny Ford. Titled "Sonata," this is the second book in the Inspector Pinhorn series. This imposing and intriguing work of crime fiction delivers nonstop tension, drama and romance, cunningly testing the ingenuity of the reader.

Joining forces with Inspector Lord Pinhorn more mysterious bodies are discovered with no apparent link or motive, while romances blossom in full bloom, true Romeo and Juliet style. Are these almost perfect murders the clever planning of a genius or are the smiling corpses purely coincidental? When the murderer plays one tune too many, a favorite sonata, the many facades behind the mask are exposed, along with the truth.

An excerpt from "Sonata":

I was not looking forward to examining this gruesome discovery but did manage to pluck up courage to kneel down beside it. I inched my way closer and closer as I started to tremble with shock. It was an ugly and grotesque sight. My inner strength held back my feeling of despair as numbness slowly consumed me. Feeling nauseated, I knew the blood and colour drained from my face as I forced myself to heave to one side.

"How could any human being perform such an atrocity on another human being?" I asked myself in disbelief. "What could have possibly driven this person to perform such an inhuman act?" I wondered. "Perhaps it was out of sheer desperation!"

In this intense and fast-paced cat and mouse game, romance, mystery and suspense are cleverly merged to double the pleasure for whodunit enthusiasts. With a series of heart-pounding twists and turns, "Sonata" leads readers to an unforgettable conclusion that will indeed satisfy cravings for a good dose of a detective-mystery read.

Other books include Book 1 - SAMSON, Book 3 - SAILS, Book 4 - SUDDENLY, and Book 5 - SQUIRREL is almost complete.

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