Jeffrey A. Richards Releases THE PRINCIPLES OF SYNERGISM

Jeffrey A. Richards Releases THE PRINCIPLES OF SYNERGISM

Mystic, Conn.

Author Jeffrey A. Richards provides a distinctive, focused, fresh look at the principles of synergism and how they can be applied to high performance teamwork in his unique new book, "The Principles of Synergism: Radical Empowerment" (published by Trafford Publishing).

"Synergism today is the belief that people can cooperate with each other in such a way that normal limitations are overcome through a process of mutual regeneration," Richards explains. "This book will tell you what's involved. It goes directly to the basic underlying principles of teamwork, distinguishing it from other popular workshops and 'charm schools' on leadership."

Aimed at readers involved in leadership, management, human relations, church growth, education, and consulting, "The Principles of Synergism" offers a wealth of information in an accessible, straightforward format. After examining the purpose of studying synergism, Richards defines the concept, identifies its source and cost, and gives real-life examples of synergism in action.

Other chapters are devoted to leadership in the synergistic team, synergism between groups, building synergism, barriers to synergism and the end of synergism. The book concludes with a review section presented in story form and a list of training aids, citations, bibliography and index.

"Many authors make a small beginning on the subject of synergism, but a truer statement would be that unless you take an entirely different direction than they provide, you will never arrive at synergism," Richards says. "I provide such a foundation here."

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