Janice Parker Releases THE PRODIGAL

Janice Parker Releases THE PRODIGAL

Clint had more than most could ever dream of having. From his villa in Cannes to expensive cars and beautiful women, Clint was living the life he wanted - until it was all ripped away. Janice Parker tells the story of one man's journey from worldly riches to spiritual salvation and true love in her new novel, "The Prodigal" (published by AuthorHouse).

"There are many prodigal sons and daughters searching for what they perceive to be happiness," Parker says. "What they don't understand is that focusing primarily on wealth and status can lead to an empty existence and unfilled dreams."

When Clint finds his life in shambles and his possessions and lavish way of living are no longer enough, he decides to meet a friend in Wales. Once in Wales, Clint is convinced to go on a mission trip to Africa. While Africa is a world away from what he's used to, he finds the hospitality of those around him comforting and meets the woman of his dreams. Just when Clint feels his life is finally falling into place, everything is once again stolen from him when he is taken hostage by rebels and moved to the Congo.

"The Prodigal" takes readers on a trying journey as Clint struggles to find his way back to the woman he loves and back to true happiness.

"This story inspires one to excel at fulfilling their true destiny through values, love, giving and trust," Parker explains. "It encourages a hope for the future and gives an understanding of unconditional love."

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