Jane E. Skillicorn Offers Collection of Inspiring Short Stories

Jane E. Skillicorn Offers Collection of Inspiring Short Stories

Author Jane E Skillicorn believes that there is a real need for simple good advice that works when people find they are facing the very challenging issues in their own lives, and are looking for help or some way out of the dilemma that they are living. This help needs to be readily available and simple to follow for those living in these stressed times. The more she works with students of all ages, the more she realizes how tough life can be. Inspired by her desire to reach out to these people, she reveals her valuable publication, "Hey, It's O.K.!"

This book offers techniques that may help others anywhere and anytime through the really challenging times in their lives, with no fuss or bother. This will take readers down the road with various people who have faced some pretty (potentially) devastating situations at some point in their lives, be it with family, in the workplace or at school, or in just coping with daily or shocking challenges. They confidently deal with the drama and rise above it, inevitably soaring as their lives change for the better and they move on from what was once blocking them. They move on to the good times and a good life.

There are 25 different stories within this book, and therefore, there are 25 different places - some in the bush, some in country New South Wales and some in the nation's capital. Wherever there are people - there are stories, but these stories could be anywhere. A reader may be standing or sitting reading this book as they read about real people in real life situations who win out over adversity. In the end, they will learn that life can and does get better. The important thing is that one should learn how to deal with the challenges that come their way.

"Hey, It's O.K.!" tells of ordinary people who became extraordinary as they learn to overcome obstacles that would flatten even the strongest of characters. In the face of adversity, these ordinary people look at their circumstances and choose to break through the barriers that are holding them back, to cut through the ropes that are holding them down, to break free from the constraints. They choose to live a better and happier life.

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